Conceptual Photography

Half motivated

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 : David Gonzalez

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Your post has lifetd the level of debate
Comment By: Gracelin
[Tuesday, May 16,2017]

Very creative and thought provoking. The artist has a talent for motivating people to think beyond the photo and reflect.
Comment By: Juan
[Sunday, April 2,2017]

An amazing pic, I see this young photographer going far in this business
Comment By: Big daddy david
[Thursday, March 23,2017]

So Dope ✊🏼 Best I've seen!
Comment By: Milli
[Wednesday, March 22,2017]

So Awesome
Comment By: Josh
[Wednesday, March 22,2017]

This is seriously a great visualization on how it feels to be half motivated. It's more than just a quick picture or quick edit. Love it!
Comment By: Joanne
[Tuesday, March 21,2017]